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"Sometimes the things that scare you most, are the things that are most worth doing."

English Untangled take the leap

"If you TEACH

    yourself to jump,


         you will LEARN

                     how to fly!"

If you want to fly, you have to make that leap into the unknown and for me that leap was almost 20 years ago when I left Canada to train as a fashion photographer in Europe. When I got there, my life changed completely. I fell in love, travelled to places I had only dreamed about and met amazing people from around the world. I then realised that fashion photography was not my true passion. What started out as a year abroad turned into 17 years in London where a new life began as a CELTA Qualified English teacher, an artist and a performer.

Inspired by the history, people and culture in London, I found myself working in an English college by day, and chasing my creative passions by night. My students have ranged from ages 4 to 64 and I have taught every level from absolute beginners right through to proficiency.

Exam classes, private classes, business English, conversation, you name it, I’ve taught it!

Even though I loved the classroom atmosphere, I wanted to further
my teaching career and ended up landing what some would call the "DREAM JOB" teaching English to Premier League football players, CEOs of international banks and high level executives of multinational corporations.

Jennifer Earle Dance Party 4000

live every moment

to the fullest


In 2016, I decided it was time to leave London and return to Canada so my 2 daughters could be closer to family. It was heart breaking to leave all the people I love and the career I had built in London but it was time to start a new chapter of my life, one where I could put ALL my experience, creativity, and artistic flair towards ONE common goal: a fun, interactive space for English learners called ENGLISH UNTANGLED.

"I want my students to be having so much FUN that they don’t even
realize they’re learning."

Jennifer Earle on swing

I want to provide a safe social place where learners can interact with each other and practice using the language. I have some BIG plans for English Untangled. I want my students to see that learning doesn’t have to be boring.

"My goal is to make learning not only enriching, but also entertaining and fun."

Jennifer Earle

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