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Become a member and start using English every day!


"If you don’t use it,

you won’t improve it."


The Find Your Fluency Club is where you can practice speaking English in a variety of fun, interactive ways. It's a brand-new affordable monthly membership group created to help you improve your English speaking fluency. 

become a member and you will get...



Inside the group you can:

  • Get involved in daily discussions and challenges in English to get you speaking and communicating in English regularly

  • Meet new learners like you from around the world 

  • Get a speaking partner and practice speaking English


  • Join our live chat thread and practice speaking with 'real-time' voice messages

Join my MEMBERS ONLY  Facebook Group

every day

  • You'll receive a weekly speaking challenge to share with us in the Find Your Fluency private (members only) Facebook group.
    (if you can't join Facebook, you can share it with us in the course directly)

  • Join us in a live discussion class

  • Follow a course curriculum in the monthly learning bundles, which will get you speaking better and more confidently.

  • Enter for the chance to speak with me in a Facebook or Instagram live session.

every week

You will receive a Learning Bundle with:


  • Learning videos

  • New vocabulary/phrases/phrasal verbs that native speakers use

  • Listening practice with 'real' natural conversations

  • Quizzes as you go along

  • A workbook for extra practice

  • Join me in a live 90 minute workshop

every month

ANIMATED-HEADER Live Workshops.gif

Speaking workshop at the end of every month!

  • Join me live for review of the monthly bundle and get your questions answered

  • Practice your speaking skills and have real conversations in small groups

  • Meet new speaking partners in our live video calls

  • Do speaking tasks where you'll use new vocabulary so that you don't forget it

  • Practice using the conversation language from your learning bundle


How can I practice my speaking, I have nobody to practice with?

The Find Your Fluency Club can help you in many ways!

  • Get involved in my daily discussions that take place in the private Find Your Fluency Facebook group by posting audios or videos of you talking

  • Meet new learners and start communicating with them from day one

  • Find a speaking partner in the private Facebook group and practice speaking English as often as you like

  • Complete my weekly speaking assignments and challenges

  • Join us every week for a live discussion class

  • Join the live 90-minute workshops by video call, where you can practice English conversation with other learners.


What level is this course for?

This course is for learners at the intermediate level and higher. 


How much is the course?

The course is $25 USD each month but this special discount price will go up as I continue to add new features.

Enrol now and join at this discount price. Your fee will always stay the same. The price that you join at will never change for you!


How will this course help me?

This course will help you:

  • improve your speaking and conversation skills

  • become a more confident and fluent English speaker

  • learn natural English that only native speakers use

  • grow your vocabulary and help you remember it

  • improve your listening and pronunciation skills


Can I cancel any time?

Yes! There is no commitment. You can cancel your

subscription whenever you want.


How do I use this course?

Once you register, I will send you a welcome pack explaining all course features, how to get started and exactly how to follow the curriculum. You will also have immediate access to the learning bundles.


When will I receive a new learning bundle?

When you join the course, you will immediately receive your welcome pack and all previous learning bundles that you can do in your free time. 


At the beginning of every month, you will receive a new learning bundle (with a different topic that we'll be focusing on that month). 


Will I receive grammar exercises?

We don't focus specifically on grammar because this is a speaking club designed to help you improve your confidence and fluency but when grammar naturally comes up, we will focus on it. 


frequently asked questions

This is a unique opportunity to get a variety of learning all based around helping you improve your speaking fluency, increase your confidence and build your vocabulary.

Click the button now to join us inside!

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