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How To Use The Internet and Social Media As A FREE English Language School


Lesson 2:

where's your enjoyable English?


Your Task:
Watch the video above then, follow these steps: 
1. Look back at your answers from the Introduction video. The area of English that you chose as your number 1 is what we call your 'Target Language'.
2. You are going to transfer anything you like doing in your language over to English. For example, if you  like discovering new healthy recipes, you will start      learning all about them in English.
3. Go to Facebook, search for groups to join relating    to your target language/Enjoyable English and join      them. If you love guitar rock, join an English speaking group who loves guitar rock too. This is a great way to interact with native English speakers, so make the most of it.
4. You can discover so much more by doing the same as above, only with Google, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. This means you will be exposed to things in English that you really enjoy or need to learn about. 
5. Immerse yourself in as much English speaking social media as you can and keep your interests and your target language the main focus.  
Next lesson:

The Copycat Technique!
coming soon!
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