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You want to improve your English, right? Well, to help get you into the right mindset, I wanted to give you a big confidence boost to start you off on the right foot.

mindset – (a person's way of thinking and their opinions)

start off on the right foot – (to immediately have success when starting an activity or beginning a relationship)

confidence boost – (to make someone feel more positive or more confident)

In this video, you're going to learn how to be a ‘powerhouse’ when you speak. Instead of feeling ‘knocked back’, insecure and small, I’m going to show you how to become confident and powerful speaker. You'll learn five tips on how to speak more confidently, to worry less about what mistakes you might be making and focus more on how you’re saying it.

A HUGE reason why people struggle and lose hope of improving their English is that their confidence may have been shaken. In other words, something might have/might not have happened to make them feel discouraged. Our self-esteem contributes a lot to our learning process. If we feel good about ourselves and we are enjoying what we're doing, we will progress at a much faster rate.

As I’ve said before, I've been teaching English for 16 years and I've seen this first hand. The students who learn the fastest are the ones who don't get hung up about making mistakes. They are living in the moment and enjoying themselves.

firsthand - (if you see or experience something firsthand, it means to see or experience it yourself. In other words, to be directly involved)

hung up - (worried about)

If you don't believe me, look at Finland. It has been ranked as having one of the best schooling systems in the world.

Besides, there's no reason to worry about making errors because that's how we learn. When a learner is stressed out and afraid to open their mouth because they don't want to mess up, this slows the learning process down and knocks their confidence. As a result, because they aren't speaking and using the language, their fluency improves at a much slower rate than if they were feeling positive and sure of themselves.

stressed out - (worried and nervous)

mess up - (make a mistake)

knocks their confidence - (reduces or lowers someone's confidence)

In my video, you will learn 5 tips and tricks to help boost your confidence and get you into the right mindset to start speaking like a pro.

like a pro - (it's slang for someone who is very talented at something, like a professional)

You will learn useful ways to overcome the fear of speaking, to worry less about making mistakes and focus more on presenting yourself as a confident speaker. By the end of my video, you will learn to forget about whether your accent is too strong, your pronunciation is bad or your grammar is wrong and instead focus on how you present yourself. The way you hold yourself and appear to people can be the one reason why you get or don't get the job, promotion, etc.

Part of my inspiration for making my video came after watching social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, give a TED talk on how body language can actually shape who you are. I found it fascinating and I've used her techniques and they really do work!

I explain and demonstrate these techniques in my video along with other confidence building exercises. I strongly recommend you watch it so that you can feel more confident and TAKE YOUR LEARNING TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

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