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Updated: Feb 9, 2018

Keeping in context with new beginnings, I've decided to start a new business venture. I've moved across the ocean and changed where I live so why not keep the momentum going?

Upon arriving in Toronto, I immediately went into full-time work teaching in an English language school. After being there for over a year, my creative side wasn't just hungry, it was STARVING so I needed to take action. After running my own side business with my husband back in London, I felt the urge to become my own boss again and start something new where I had complete creative control. Because I'm not very digitally inclined, I decided to kill two birds and take the Product Management Course at Brainstation.

kill two birds - (the full idiom is: to kill two birds with one stone. It means to achieve two things at once)

At first, I felt way out of my depth but I received such positive support from the instructors, staff and other students that I soon realized,"Hey, I can do this!" It was great being a student again and the course was just what I needed. It showed me how to build an effective, lean business from start to finish and all with the aim of being online. I was originally planning to be a person-to-person business but seeing as how the world is going digital, I felt it necessary to jump on board too. During the course, I learned so much and it gave me the tools and incentive to just go out there and start my own thing.

out of (my) depth - (involved in something that is beyond your capabilities)

Originally, I wanted to focus solely on creative workshops but then something in my mind just clicked. Being an English teacher to people from all over the globe for 16 years, I felt I had a world of knowledge that I wanted to share and give back to the world. Instead of being confined to a single classroom, why not take my 'classroom' online where I could be helping thousands of people learn?

After researching tonnes of ESL websites and Youtube channels, I noticed they mostly all had one thing in common, they were duller than dishwater. This to me is the number one way to lose a student's attention. Learning English doesn't have to be so boring, in fact, it should be the opposite. I have always tried to keep my classes interactive, dynamic, interesting and F.U.N. and they have always been very well received. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, I'm just saying with such heartwarming feedback I've received over the years, I must be doing something right.

duller than dishwater - (very boring, uninteresting or unexciting. The idiom is: as dull as dishwater but I wanted to emphasize that it was even duller than the dirty water that is left behind after cleaning dishes)

Anyway, fast forward to November 2017, where I received the warmest send-off I could ever ask for. It was hard saying goodbye to all the amazing staff that felt like a family to me, not to mention all the wonderful students that I truly adored, but it was high time I went off to steer my own ship.

steer (my) own ship - (take control of the direction your life is going in)

So that is how English Untangled was born. What exactly is it? Well, it's continually evolving but in a nutshell, it's a place where learners can get connected and improve their English on a daily basis. I created a private Facebook group where people who are serious about learning can interact with others, as well as myself, and also receive daily mini-lessons on things like, phrasal verbs, tense review, new vocabulary, error correction, etc. I have also just started my own YouTube channel where I will be making regular video lessons with the aim of being engaging and fun.

in a nutshell - (to summarize or describe something in only a few words)

As you can see, I also have a blog where I share the behind the scenes stuff along with informative material for my learners and subscribers.

behind the scenes stuff - (something that is done privately, not publicly)

I can't believe I now have a blog! I never thought that would happen. It just goes to show that anyone can learn to be tech-savvy.

tech-savvy- (knowing a lot about modern technology, especially computers)

Speaking of learning, I have learned so much over the past few months that I go to bed pleasantly exhausted and wake up excited to start each new day. Aside from all the business and computer related things, I have also learned to become grateful for every single moment I am here. When you are building your own business, there is so much to learn as you are in charge of absolutely EVERYTHING! One thing that I found really hard at first was to be patient. You have these big ideas and you want them all to be effective NOW but it doesn't work like that. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. I have such big plans for English Untangled and I know they will happen but I must take a deep breath and remember it will happen but all in good time.

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