Updated: Feb 9, 2018

Keeping in context with new beginnings, I've decided to start a new business venture. I've moved across the ocean and changed where I live so why not keep the momentum going?

Upon arriving in Toronto, I immediately went into full-time work teaching in an English language school. After being there for over a year, my creative side wasn't just hungry, it was STARVING so I needed to take action. After running my own side business with my husband back in London, I felt the urge to become my own boss again and start something new where I had complete creative control. Because I'm not very digitally inclined, I decided to kill two birds and take the Product Management Course at Brainstation.

kill two birds - (the full idiom is: to kill two birds with one stone. It means to achieve two things at once)

At first, I felt way out of my depth but I received such positive support from the instructors, staff and other students that I soon realized,"Hey, I can do this!" It was great being a student again and the course was just what I needed. It showed me how to build an effective, lean business from start to finish and all with the aim of being online. I was originally planning to be a person-to-person business but seeing as how the world is going digital, I felt it necessary to jump on board too. During the course, I learned so much and it gave me the tools and incentive to just go out there and start my own thing.

out of (my) depth - (involved in something that is beyond your capabilities)

Originally, I wanted to focus solely on creativ